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  • Current models offered: Hyundai i20, Mazda 2, Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Opel Corsa (other models can be developed on request)

  • Our Cars are “Ready to Rally” and include as standard:

- Custom tuned Reiger R4 Dampers

- Sparco seats and Hans ready seat          belts

- 5 X OZ Racing wheels with gravel            tyres

- Electronics package includes PCM,        membrane switch panel, steering            wheel switches, single 5” colour              LCD driver display

- Krontec quick release for steering          wheel

- Lifeline fire extinguisher system

- Stilo DG-10 intercom

- Co-driver navigation light and                document storage

- Full kevlar under body protection

  • Cars can be ordered in gravel or tarmac specification

  • Cars can be built in left- or right-hand drive, depending on country or driver preference

  • All cars are fully registered for road use (South Africa NATIS registration is recognised internationally making it easy to export to all countries)

  • FIA Homologation Documentation included.

  • Engine 1600cc turbo, latest generation direct injection with electronic throttle body and aluminium cylinder block

  • Performance close to R5 with 263 HP (193 KW) / 382 Nm (98 octane unleaded fuel)

  • Magneti Marelli SRG-340 electronics with engine data acquisition, identical to most R5 cars

  • 5 Speed gearbox and rear differential straight out of an R5, ensuring performance and reliability

  • Performance only 0.5 to 1.0 seconds / km below top R5s

  • Estimated running cost is up to 40% less than R5

  • FIA homologation valid for 7 years, eliminating expensive development costs and ensuring close competition through common parts on all cars

  • Eligible Championships include WRC2, FIA Regional Championships (ARC, APRC, NACAM, MERC, ERC etc.) as well as all National Championships.

  • 24/7 After sales technical assistance through various media, including dedicated online service

  • Spare parts service, with global delivery options

  • On event support and engineering service around the world, through our dedicated team of experts

  • Car preparation and team management for customers based in Southern Africa

  • We offer the option to compete in selected South African National and African Championship event/s with our team prior to export of your car

  • Rental cars will be available for selected South African National and African Championship events

  • Driver training with expert instructors in South Africa and Europe from 2019. Other regions to be available from 2020.

  • Cockpit:                                            - 2nd Intercom and/or upgrade      to DG-30.                                       - Sabertrip GPS enabled                  Odometer                                   - Sparco helmet net or hooks       - Second LCD display with                data logger                                 - Quick lift rally jack                       - Makita battery impact wrench     - Sparco tool bag with                       emergency repair tools

  • Gravel to tarmac - and tarmac to gravel conversion kits

  • 2nd Spare wheel and fixing points

  • Driving lamps, pods and fitment including wiring

  • Standard and custom parts packages


  • Additional OZ Racing wheel rims.

  • Available Ex-Works Johannesburg, South Africa (subject to currency adjustment at time of order)

  • Payment Structure:                        - 50% Deposit with order                placement.                                   - 50% Prior to delivery

  • Shipping cost is for customer account, but Rally Technic will assist with shipping quotes, dispatch arrangements and shipping documentation (please contact us for a shipping quote)

  • Delivery: Depends on order book and availability of R4 kit parts, but should be +/- 3 months from date of order and receipt of deposit

  • Rally Technic production capacity will be ramped up to +-20 cars per year in 2020

  • Delivery ceremony, including photo shoot and shakedown test included in price (excludes travel and accommodation cost).

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